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Ask Yustin: Happy New Year

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Dear Yustin,

It’s been a rough year for the planet. I don’t need to list the tragedies, the ideologies, the powerful men and the political crises that made it suck. You know all that. As better people than me have said: “Fuck 2016.”

We’ve gotta do better. We live on one orb among infinite billions. We’re lucky we even exist, so why do some people think they’re so goddamn entitled to ruin the lives of others?

To all you warmongers, xenophobes, greedy capitalists, ignorants and apathetics: WE’RE ALL WE’VE GOT.

If we don’t protect each other and work to make this rock a safe place for everyone to call home, then we don’t deserve to be here.

Yustin, you’ve played some inspiring people in your films. Johnny Fists, Charles Lounge, Master Universe–those were people who’d get what I’m saying. Do you have anything advice for readers on how to make 2017 a good year for everyone?


A Disillusioned Optimist


Dear Disillusioned Optimist,

I have literally no idea what you’re talking about. I get my news from Facebook.

I’m going drinking.


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