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Ryerson students create fake snow to ease winter sadness

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By Melissa Salamo

Ryerson students are outraged about the lack of snow in downtown Toronto this winter and two engineering students are taking action.   

“It’s ridiculous,” Joseph Treed said. “We’re halfway through January and there is no snow on the ground! I should be building snowmen, making snow angels and throwing snowballs at people.”

Since the start of the second semester, students have reported not being able to “have as much winter fun” as in previous winter semesters.

“There’s just been a certain gloomy feeling all around campus,” Kolby Young, a second-year architecture student, said. “Last year around this time campus was so lit!”

This is why Matthew Watson and Carrie Brown are creating several artificial snow machines to be placed all around campus.

“The campus definitely needs a more wintery feel to it,” said Watson. “And as engineers, we know we can make a difference.”

Students are upset about the fact that they have not had the “slipping and falling on their butts” experiences.

“You have no idea how much I miss walking on slushy Gould Street,” said Mary Ingram, a third-year nursing student. “I miss falling on my bum once in awhile.”

Watson and Brown’s idea has reached faculty and the school board, but support is yet to be seen. They are confident that this project will be the solution to students’ melancholic, non-slippery winter.

“With or without Ryerson’s financial support, we can do this,” said Brown. “We will do this, we’re engineers.”

Although these two engineers say they know what they are doing, The Eyeopener discovered that they are seeking help and have asked business students for financial advice.

“Although I know they will be taking the credit for the work, I’m willing to help,” said Jorge Harrison, a second-year business student . “We all need that wintery feel across campus desperately.”

Some international students like Carl Loyd are considering transferring.

“I moved to Canada and was expecting snowfall, but how has Vancouver been getting more snow than us,” said Loyd. “Honestly I’m thinking of transferring to UBC.”

Ryerson students are willing to take any measures to have snowfall on campus this semester and if something is not done immediately, the campus will be left completely bare.


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