App of the Week: Prisma

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By Sylvia Lorico

Transform your photos into pieces of art with Prisma. Available free for Android and iOS devices, the app allows you to transform images into works of art based on classic and contemporary art styles.

The app customizes images based on selected filters. There are currently 26 filters that users can download and use.

Users can take photos within the app or select ones from the gallery on their device. They can crop or rotate photos prior to applying filters, similar to the process in Instagram.

Then users can choose from a variety of filters that alter the colour, texture and lighting of the original image.

Users can share their images directly to Instagram, Facebook or their own feed on the app by clicking the icons just above the filters. They can also save their creations to their phone.

The Prisma Feed works similarly to Instagram. Users can post photos directly to their profile and follow other users on the app. They can also view posts by other users on Prisma.

A screenshot from the app shows a photo altered by a Prisma filter.

Courtesy Google Play


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