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Motion to impeach RESS vp finance not passed

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By Sarah Krichel

A motion to impeach Ryerson Engineering Student Society (RESS) vice-president finance Ali Yousaf did not pass at the board of directors meeting on Feb. 14.

The motion was put forward by RESS president Farhan Riaz.

The board went into an in-camera discussion about the upcoming RESS elections. At around 7:50 p.m., the board began a discussion about the motion to impeach Yousaf, meaning non-board members could not be present. The vote also took place in-camera.

The motion required two thirds in favour to pass. It came to seven board members in favour, seven against, and one abstained, according to Noor Gangi, vice-president corporate relations.

Riaz said that the way Yousaf handled finances was irresponsible.

“You have to be on top of your responsibilities, you can’t neglect them because they’re finances. You’re controlling close to $1 million,” Riaz said. “This is something you can’t take lightly.”

Riaz said that three strikes were given to Yousaf for reasons that included poor financial record-keeping and decision-making. Riaz added that Yousaf’s improvements were only upheld when Riaz would “micromanage” Yousaf.

However, Yousaf said that the if the board believed Riaz’s accusations to be accurate, they would have impeached him at the meeting.

“The board believes that I have done my job as vice-president finance for RESS and therefore, I’m here in office continuing to work for the students,” Yousaf wrote via email.

Yousaf added that he’s “maintained proper documentation since the day [he] took office,” and that he has maintained all of his promises throughout his term.

Riaz also said that people claim that the third strike was politically motivated because it took place during the Ryerson Students’ Union elections. “This has nothing to do with political intent or motive. It has everything to do with holding people accountable for their actions and their roles,” he said.

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