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Strange new fad takes over Ryerson, replaces “mannequin challenge”

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By Melissa Salamo

Ryerson professors are “going crazy” and can’t teach class properly due to a new trend that has taken over the student population.

Students have grown out of the “mannequin challenge” and are now completing the “Rose Dawson challenge.” It was inspired by the classic Titanic scene that made everyone cry because Rose lived, and practically killed Jack.

“OK, so this is how it goes down. When someone yells ‘It’s freezing’ everyone looks for the nearest furniture or object to stand or sit or lay on,” Brian Peppermint, a first-year theatre production student, said. “You have to make sure you don’t let anyone else on whatever you’re standing on.”

The “Rose Dawson challenge” started taking over campus after a student started posting videos of him throwing himself onto various objects and is now a famous YouTuber.

“This challenge is so lit! Thanks to us and the videos I’ve posted, other schools across the country are doing it,” Shendrick Blaze, a third-year biology student, said.

Ryerson students have finally figured out a way to recreate Rose’s bitchy scene.

“I mean, we all know that two people could have easily fit on that wooden door, Rose. Come on girl, you’ve got no soul,” Peppermint said. “This cold-hearted challenge is dedicated to you.”  

However, it’s not all fun and games. Professors are really upset with the new trend.

“The mannequin challenge was one thing, but this is absolutely ridiculous,” Lesly Peter, a journalism professor, said.

The challenge is not only a waste of time, but dangerous, according to some professors.  

“I’ve had a couple of students leave the classroom with bloody noses and injuries. Who would come up with such an atrocity?” Peter said.

It’s been a constant battle between students and professors ever since this became a trend.

“I am trying to finish the class ASAP so I can go home, but every damn time somebody yells that ‘f-word,’” Peter said.

Students do not see it this way and claim that profs are exaggerating.

“These people gotta live. It just takes several minutes. Plus they’ve got nothing to worry about. I mean TAs do most of their work anyway,” said Blaze.

New word on campus is that students are forming their own “Rose Dawson Union” and will soon be granting scholarships to regular participants.

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