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App of the Week: Evernote

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By Sylvia Lorico

Evernote lets people organize projects across all their devices. Available for free on Android and iOS, the app allows users to create and sync notes, bills and photos on devices that have the app installed.

Users must create an account in order to use Evernote. In the app, they can tap the plus tab on the screen then choose from a variety of different options including camera, attachments, audio, reminders, handwriting and text note.

Text notes on Evernote are similar to Google Docs. Users can insert photos or additional files from a phone or computer into them. The handwriting feature allows one to write their own notes using the touchscreen on their devices.

The camera section allows users to take photos of receipts, papers or business cards that can be saved to view later. The camera can recognize text and orient the photo a certain way to ensure users can read it. Users can also record audio straight to the app and insert it into a document.

One can access projects, audio, saved photos and reminders, and edit their work on all connected  devices.

Users can also set reminders to complete tasks on certain projects and share documents with friends via email.

Some other features include the ability to access Google Doc files right on the app, to insert links into documents and send emails directly to an Evernote account.

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