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App of the week: Climendo Basic

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By Sylvia Lorico 

Find accurate forecast predictions with Climendo Basic. Available on Android and iOS, this app allows users to find weather predictions based on data from multiple sources.

Climendo Basic uses GPS in order to track your location and provide weather results. You can also save locations manually on the app in order to track the weather in other locations.

Like other weather apps, it will list the week forecast on the top of the screen and uses nine different weather providers to show the conditions. There are also temperature predictions for three different time periods: morning , afternoon and night.

The predictions also list the amount of rain expected as well as the certainty of the prediction. Fairly certain predictions means the nine providers have consistent predictions that match each other. Uncertain predictions mean the providers are giving differing weather predictions that are inconsistent with each other.

Tapping on the clock tab will lead to a complete list of weather conditions for the day by hour. It also lists the amount of rain expected and the temperature.

There is also an option to compare weather conditions based on years in the past. Tapping the “accuracy” tab will show you the most accurate apps for one-day forecasts and for five-day forecasts.

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