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App of the Week: Snapseed

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By Sylvia Lorico 

Enhance your photos right from your phone with the Snapseed app. Available for Android and iOS, the app is a professional photo editor made by Google.

Snapseed is able to edit JPG and DNG files. It can also edit RAW files and save them as JPG files without changing the quality of the image.

By tapping on the pencil icon, users can find all the tools you can use to edit a photo. There are 13 tools including white balance, vignette, curves and more. Each feature also has the ability to adjust the settings of each feature.

There are 13 filters that users can apply to a given photograph. Users can cycle through different styles of the filter. They can also adjust settings such as brightness or grain in the filter.

Also, there are enhancements just for portrait photos. Using facial recognition software, the app will smoothen skin, correct focus or correct the pose of the portraits based on three dimensional models.

The app also has an “insight” tab. Similar to Photoshop tutorials, the app will guide you to use certain filters and tools in order to create a desired effect on your image. There are also photography tips to read.

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