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Rats back on campus

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Ryerson University’s campus has seen an influx* (*big word for more) of rats on campus this year than ever before. In fact, there are 30 per cent more rats hanging around than last year. I know this because last year I saw no rats and this year I saw 30 rats. So that’s a 30 per cent increase. That’s how math works, right?

Anyway, The Eyersonian has obtained exclusive video interviews with the three rats who seem to spend most of their time by the trash cans outside the Student Campus Centre. The video details the rats’ daily lives over the course of three hours because it was a little hot out that day and we didn’t feel like filming the rats anymore. Plus, one got really close to me and I screamed.

If you’d like to view the full video, look at screamed-you-guys-it-was-really-scary-please-stop-laughing-!-rats-carry- diseases-!-!-!_fAk3n3wZ


  1. So, you’re in university but can’t do simple math ? If you saw zero rats one year , but during the same period of time the following year you see one rat , that is a %100 increase of rat sightings from the previous year . Now , if , as you state , you saw 30 rats this year , as compared to the zero rats you saw during the same period of time in the previous year ,that is a %3000 increase in rat sightings . Please , leave the statistical analysis to trained professionals .

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