App of the Week: Vivino

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By Sylvia Lorico 

Choose the right wine for the right occasion with Vivino. Available for free on Android and iOS, the app allows you to select wine choices based on their extensive knowledgeable database.

Users are required to create an account using their email, Google or Facebook account to use the app.

The Top lists tab allows you to choose wines according to price ranges and location. Price ranges go from under $20 to over $80. By tapping on a price range, users will be taken to a page where there will be list of wines in that range.

Each wine posting contains a price, a rating and an option to “wish list” an item. Users can directly rate a wine out of five under the “reviews” tab.

Under the binoculars icon, users can search for wines manually. You can select the wine type, the price range and the minimum rating. You can hit the more filters button to further filter wine types. Here you can select wines based on regional style, food pairings, grapes,  country of origin and vintage.

The “friends” icon allows users to read articles on wine, see what friends are posting in terms of wines and view listicles on wine types.

Finally, the “my wine” section allows you to scan a wine label or a wine on a wine list. From there users will be able to see the ratings and the origins of the wine from the app.

Disclaimer: alcoholic beverages of any kind should only be consumed by users 19 or older.

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