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Here are your Briefs and Groaners for the week of Nov 21.

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By Peter White

Every week, The Eyeopener meets with Ryerson security and gets the low-down on what’s been happening on campus. Here are some notable, and often unfortunate, entries.

Cut that shit out: Stickers were found last week with the words “It’s ok to be white” written on them, near the inner quad doors. Security also reported that they found graffiti containing the same exact words in the washroom of the TRS building. I’d never want to see what that support group looks like.

Let he who is without a McFlurry cast the first stone: Security was notified of an incident in McDonald’s area of Yonge Street. An unidentified individual was seen throwing stones and yelling at one of Ryerson’s community members. Once the community member notified the individual that they would be calling the police, the suspect got the fuck out of there. Perhaps he just wanted some money for a Junior Chicken.

Just take a deep breath: An argument was stirred up at the south side of the IMA building, which appeared to be turning violent. When security arrived, one of people involved in the argument threatened to harm them. Fortunately, the individual was able to calm down before anything escalated. Security does not know what the argument was about, but it could have been about whether the Seahawks should’ve ran the ball.

The car is key: Security was made aware that things had been stolen from a vehicle in the 21 Gerrard loading dock area. What things, you may ask? One of the things stolen was car keys. Yes, car keys. So let this be a reminder to always keep your car keys with you at all times, even when you are outside of your car. Oh and also lock your doors… with your car keys.

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