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App of the Week: Waze

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By Sylvia Lorico 

Know what’s on the road with Waze. Available for Android and iOS, this app allows users to be notified of traffic alerts and adjusts the route to the fastest and economic route.

Users are required to sign up in order to use this app. This app uses GPS and data to calculate the best route.

Similar to Google Maps, users can search a specific location on the app and Waze will calculate the best route for the driver. Waze will also show any delays, construction or roadblocks on the road in real-time. Users of the app can also report any major delays on Waze to help other drivers become aware of problems on the road.

Major delays on the road are colour-coded according to severity. Red-highlighted roads means a larger wait time and delay while orange roads indicate slightly shorter delays on a particular street.

The app contains other visual features like icons which show major restaurants, hotels, streetlights and other major businesses. Other users who are using the Waze app can be displayed on the map in real-time.

Like other navigation apps, you can manually set and work locations. You can also add favourite places to make going places easier.

Waze is able to integrate with calendar apps like Samsung or Google calendar or your Facebook. It will automatically calculate the best routes to any given location on your calendar or Facebook events from a chosen location.

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