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Here are your candidates for the RSU 2018 elections

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By Jacob Dubé

Once again, Ryerson is about to be covered in posters and Facebook groups will be filled with screenshots as the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) elections begins again. Student politicians will be campaigning from now until the voting period starts on February 13, 14 and 15. Here are the announced candidates for all RSU positions.

Update: Alessandro Cunsolo was originally running for an Engineering & Architectural Science representative position with the Rhino Party, but is now part of the Unify slate. 



Ram Ganesh – Unify

Susanne Nyaga – Elevate

Matthew Smith – Rhino Party


Vice-President Education:

Salman Faruqi – Unify

Zena Salem – Elevate


Vice-President Operations:

Savreen Gosal – Unify

Adam Asmar – Elevate

Domenic Marchese – Rhino Party


Vice-President Equity:

Karolina Surowiec – Unify

Camryn Harlick – Elevate


Vice-President Student Life & Events:

Edmund Sofo – Unify

Sophie Lafleur – Elevate

Parul Verma – Rhino Party


Faculty Representatives

Arts (four available positions):

Nicholas Chiong – Unify

Quentin Stuckey – Unify

Andrew Hight – Elevate

Sarah Mohamed – Elevate

Seiji Morrison – Elevate

Shehroz Shabbir – Elevate


Community Services (five available positions):

Hamdi Ahmed

Jacob Circo

Shivangi Gaur – Unify

Mohamed Malek – Unify

Ram Ragupathy – Unify

Khadija Raza – Unify

Chelsea Davenport – Elevate

Cristal Hines – Elevate

Michaela Lavis – Elevate

Winnie Wangui – Elevate


Communication & Design (five available positions):

Jennifer Adler – Unify

Hirra Farooqi – Unify

Slavat Imbar – Unify

Tamar Lyons – Unify

Leah Renaud – Unify

Victoria Anderson-Gardner – Elevate

Samantha Chung – Elevate

Hollie Olenik – Elevate

Laura Papworth – Elevate

Claudia Pawlak – Elevate

Emilija Biga – Rhino Party


Engineering & Architectural Science (four available positions):

Karol Bahnan – Unify

Iyvan Chandran – Unify

Vishaal Venkatesh – Unify

Alessandro Cunsolo – Unify

Daniyal Patricio – Rhino Party

Elyse Stewart – Rhino Party


Science (two available positions):

Sadat Ahmed

Evan Almeida – Unify

Maria Vu – Unify

Mathew Mozaffari – Elevate

Addison Pacheco – Elevate


Ted Rogers School of Management (six available positions):

Kruti Dave – Unify

Niall Hickey – Unify

Ali Mulji – Unify

Ravneet Sohi – Unify

Simi Olatunji – Elevate

Nayrouz Mohamed Aly – Elevate


Graduate Representatives

Deputy Chairperson Finance:

Manikandan Murugappan – Unify

Isuru Weerasekera – Rhino Party

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