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Editorial Bites: Fake IDs, hostile campus design and bed bugs

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By Sierra Bein 

Instead of a regular editorial, this week, editor-in-chief Sierra Bein has opted for bite-sized content goodness. Enjoy! 

Fake it ’till you make it 

I never had a fake ID and I never thought it was worth it. I, like the people in our feature story, felt like I was missing out on the university experience without partying in my first year. But might I suggest, instead of rushing into drinking when you get to university, maybe exploring other aspects of being an adult. Going out to nice restaurants, trying new activities that don’t require an ID. I was able to still make great friends and still have a good time without going to bars. You don’t have to feel bad, because if you want to drink you still have the rest of your life for that. You don’t have to pressure yourself into spending money on a fake to have fun. Or, you could ignore me and  just keep focusing your energy on somehow getting drunk until you’re 19. It’s up to you.

Hostile design by campus

No matter what you call it—hostile design or defensive design—it’s got mixed opinions. You might have heard of it in cities like New York and Seattle, but even here in Toronto, the city creates designs intended to target homeless people. Generally, these designs are meant to create uncomfortable places you won’t want to stay in for long periods of time. In the case of  the Tim Hortons on Victoria Street, a months-long process resulted in planters being installed to displace a homeless man who the Ryerson community has come to know as Jason. Some students take a huge issue with the tactics used to move him. The city says they only did this with Jason’s interests in mind. I guess my main question is: was there no other solutions to “help”?

Still talking about bed bugs?

You’re damn right I’m still talking about bed bugs. But not because I just want to remember a story that went viral. There are still a couple things that we shouldn’t forget about before this story disappears from social media. Bed bugs don’t go away over night, so you should still keep an eye out for any insects in your classes. Those suckers are hard to get rid of, and generally require multiple cleanings to fully be considered clear (as told to us by exterminators we contacted). Like we reported, you probably can’t sue Rye, but you can take precautions for yourself. Worried you found a bed bug in class? Catch that bad boy and identify it. Think you have bites? Take a picture. Talk to your professor and make use of any university services to get your questions addressed. You can also come to your friendly neighbourhood student paper.

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