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Best apps of the year

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By Urbi Khan

We have reviewed some great apps this year. Here are our top five most helpful apps.

1. Flipd

Founded by a Rye alumnus, the app works as a barrier for cellphone users so they can have a period of time off from their phones. For the selected period of  time, users can choose “light” or “full” locks. Full lock will make your downloaded apps disappear for the time you’re off. And light lock will enable a countdown for the period of time you’ve set to spend time away from their phones.  It’s available for free through Android and iOS. The app allows the user to blackout from their phones so they can have some time off to themselves and their existential thoughts.

2. Carrot Rewards

App of the week

Like a hamster running on its wheel, this app will reward you for staying active. Rewards include Scene movie reward points, Aeroplane miles and Petro Canada points. Carrot Rewards will use a combo of health surveys and the number of steps taken to collect data for rewards. You can also sync your Fitbit or Apple Watch with the app. So it’s perfect for all fitness junkies.

3. Lifesum

Lifesum displayed on an iPhone and an Android phone.

Yet another app to keep your life healthy, easy and breezy. This one will help keep track of your weight, whether you need to gain some or lose some to be your best fit self. Each day, it will list recommended calories you need to intake as well as give you notifications, reminding you to eat meals and drink water throughout the day. It is available for free on Android an iOS. It will connect to your personal devices such as a Fitbit. This app is like your personal dietitian who never leaves your side.

4. Climendo

Do you often forget your umbrella at home on cloudy and rainy days? Well, fear not! Climendo uses your GPS location to provide you with accurate weather forecasts and updates. You can also track weather in your favourite locations by inputting them into the app. Climendo uses data from several different weather channels.

5. Waze

Want infamous voices from pop culture to give you directions? Waze can do that for you! Like Google Maps, this app can give you the most optimal directions to your destination. It will also list hazards and other important elements on the road such as red light cameras, police or potholes.

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