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Our interns pick five Netflix shows to watch while under the influence

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The convenience and access we have to Netflix makes it a perfect treat when you’re trying just to kick back, relax and have a good laugh. Now that cannabis is legal, it adds a pleasant twist to this popular pastime. 

The Eyeopener’s gave their thoughts on which shows would be best to watch when the time comes. 

Alex: SpongeBob SquarePants

Ask anybody who’s been around cannabis: after hitting the blunt and getting some munch, first thing you do is watch SpongeBob SquarePants. Imagine SpongeBob’s squeaky-ass laugh. There’s nothing like it. Imagine Patrick’s dumb ass voice, ahuh ahuh ahuhhhhh. Then mix in all those bright colours and frequent rainbows, all while under the sea, and the influence. Hands down the funniest thing to watch after smoking bare weed.

Maeve: The Good Place

The Good Place centres around a woman, played by Kristen Bell, who dies and goes somewhere called The Good Place. It’s essentially heaven, so everything there is perfect. The show is very visually pleasing and soothing, with soft pastel colours, clean, bright, happy looking characters and easy-going comedy.  It’s the perfect show to watch when you want something funny yet peaceful.

Gabrielle: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I highly recommend you put on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Maybe you’re just experimenting like me, but as a first(-ish)-timer, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my top choice and here’s why. Although I had no clue what it was about, Season three, episode 9 was hilarious as shit to me. Now, how did I end up watching a random episode, three seasons in? No idea. But any random episode would’ve done the trick. I found myself saying, “Ha, that’s fucking funny,” at literally anything. Just watching Jake annoying Rosa to open up had me dying, and that’s not supposed to be the funny part.

Ashanti: Atypical

A show that I think people should watch is Atypical. It’s a Netflix original series about a teenager who has autism and adventures through romance while trying to gain independence. It also recognizes the trouble that Atypicals go through on a daily basis, like being uncomfortable in public places, because of loud noises and germs. It displays relatable conflicts that occur in a teenager’s life, like friends turning against you, being bullied and even trouble at home.  On the plus side, it’s also surprisingly funny.

Christopher: That 70’s Show

A show to watch while your head’s in the clouds? That 70’s Show! Who doesn’t want to watch Fez hit on girls and fail miserably while high? We also can’t forget about Red and Eric’s quarrels, or Hyde and Kelso’s quarrels. Oh, and we definitely can’t forget about that one time where Kitty and Red were “caught” by Eric. Oh, you say you’re emotional while high? No worries, the show harvests its deep moments as well, like when Donna and Eric break up, or when they get back together, or even when Jackie and Hyde break up, after Hyde said he didn’t know if he could marry her. The show is perfect for all, intoxicated or not. 

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