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Things about Ryerson we all know are true

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By Skyler Ash

There are some things about Ryerson we all know are true (and some we wish weren’t). So here, in a sad but accurate list, is what encompasses this weird, wild campus we spend endless days at.

1. That Smell on Gould Street
You smell it the second you walk in from Yonge and Dundas. Its exact scent is hard to place, but nonetheless it hits you like a freight train and seeps into your clothes.

2. The Slow-as-Death Elevators
This is perhaps most noticeable in the SLC, but it’s true about all Rye elevators. Just take the stairs if you can, or else you will die waiting.

3. Squirrels, pigeons and rats, oh my!
If you haven’t seen the infamous one-legged pigeon, the tailless squirrel who is just doing his best or the gang of garbage rats, then do you even go here?

4. Fashion, baby
We go to school with fashion students. And we go to school in the middle of a city. This isn’t Queen’s, you can’t wear sweatpants and gross t-shirts to class. You either dress up or you will be pointed at and whispered about in the streets.

5. Kerr Hall is a maze
People who claim they know how to make it through Kerr Hall without getting lost are lying. I am in my final year and got lost last week. If Ryerson is ever destroyed in some sort of disaster, I predict Kerr Hall will still stand, because whatever destroys the school can’t figure out how to take it down.

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