Five under $25: Winter gadgets that won’t break the bank

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By Rabia Tahir

Are you dreading this weather? Waiting to swap your winter jacket for a t-shirt? Looking for ways to make this cold season more bearable?

As the piles of snow get higher on your commute to class and the TTC lets you down one more time, here are five gadgets under $25 that might make the next few weeks pass by quickly (and warmly).

Like your coffee piping hot but the walk from campus to work cooled it down? Slip this mug warmer into your bag and heat up your drink at your own convenience! Whip it out when you’re sitting on campus working late on assignments or in the back row of your lecture. It features non slip feet and has an illuminated on/off switch so you won’t burn the school down intentionally.

If it seems like the air is biting every inch of your exposed skin, these gloves might just be your saviour! With touchscreen gloves knitted with silver-coated nylon fibers, you can scroll through your Spotify playlist without feeling frostbite creeping into your fingertips!

If your Sorel’s or Blundstones just aren’t doing it for you, it may be time to check out heated insoles to slip into your shoes and get up to nine hours of natural heat during your campus trek. For only $15, you get five pairs of insoles so that you don’t have to buy them individually. They’re air-activated, meaning just open the pack and get excited to go walking again!

With this 3-in-1 mousepad (and hand warmer and wrist protection), you’ll be sure to keep toasty as the number of essays in your to-do list pile up this winter semester! There is a cover that can be removed for easy cleaning, and connects via USB. If you can’t stand the heat (and you aren’t in the kitchen), simply take out the heater and use it normally.

Are your ears going numb and those AirPods just not doing it for you? Cover your ears and still be able to listen to your specially curated playlist in between classes! For eight hours of playing time, it only takes two hours to charge. With this portable, lightweight and one-size-fits-all gadget, you’ll be dancing over snow hills and looking cool with ease.

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