App of the Week: Rando

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By Joseph Casciaro

The term ‘put yourself out there’, reaches a different level when it comes to the app Rando. Unlike most other apps, it takes complete control over what pictures, gifs, and quotes you share with your friends.

David Barnard is the creator of Rando, who is also the developer of the Launch Centre Pro. Rando costs $1.99 to download in the IOS app store and can be linked to your phone number, Facebook, or Twitter Account.

Rando will randomly select an image, gif, or quote that you can then choose to share with your friends over your social media. The app can choose anything in your camera roll—and only you know what’s hiding there.

However, there is the ability to set some restrictions on what images the app chooses, and you can also set a theme of the gif or quote the app will choose. It’s like spicing a little control with a dash of mystery.

Another feature of Rando that’s gaining a lot of attention is the “send blindly” mode, which covers the image until after it is officially sent. This mode is a test to see how brave a person really is, and if you trust this app to send something without knowing what it is.

Sound intriguing? If you ever find yourself bored and feel like getting a little adrenaline rush, Rando is a cheap and fun option. Just be sure to clear your camera roll of anything you would not want your friends to see before you get started.

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