Ryerson employees are walking on sunshine

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By Alexandra Holyk

Ryerson University employees are having some fun in the sun, with 1,280 of them making it into Ontario’s public sector salary disclosure statement in 2018, otherwise known as the “Sunshine List.”

Every year, the provincial government publicly releases the list that provides the name, organization and salary of anybody employed by the government or a government agency—including colleges and universities—who makes over $100,000 on an annual basis.

The document also reveals the taxable benefits that people receive on top of their annual salaries. This can include bonuses, employer-provided vehicles and free tuition to children of post-secondary institutional faculty members and employees, among other advantages.

Since the initial addition of Ryerson to the list in 2006—which had only 393 employees listed at the time—the number of the University’s employees that make over $100,000 a year, as well as their salaries, have grown significantly.

Ryerson’s president, Mohamed Lachemi, has consistently maintained an annual salary of $410,475 since 2016. However, the amount he receives through benefits has increased steadily. In 2018 alone, he made $46,996 in benefits, raising his total pay to $457,471.

Daren Smith, the president and chief investment officer of the University of Toronto’s asset management corporation made $989,308.00 in 2018. The university’s president, Meric Gertler, made $489,384.04.

Ryerson’s president, Mohamed Lachemi, made $46,996 in benefits, raising his total pay to $457,471 in 2018

In comparison, Ontario’s premier, Doug Ford, made $112,770 last year—approximately 3.6 times less than Lachemi.

The rest of Ryerson’s employees listed in this year’s disclosure includes people from various parts of the university, including administration, faculty and technical support.

Rye’s highest paid professor, Candice Monson, made $249,338 last year with an added $1,264 in benefits. As a psychology professor and the director of clinical training, Monson has a higher salary than all except one of the university’s deans—Thomas Duever, dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, who made $262,850 before taxes.

There are also some former Ryerson employees on the list. Janice Winton, the university’s former vice-president administration and finance, made $218,333 last year. Winton has since retired.

Out of all 1280 Ryerson employees on the Sunshine List, 1,028 had a higher salary than Premier Ford in 2018.

You can search the Sunshine List for yourself here.

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