Ryerson officially splits from RSU, students unsure where to spend weekends

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By Andrea Josic

The Children of Ryerson (COR) are left in the dark after the university announced its separation from the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU).

Ryerson has terminated its 1986 Operating Agreement with the RSU, according to a statement posted on Ryerson Today on Jan. 24 by vice-provost, students Jen McMillen.

The decision follows allegations of financial mismanagement committed during the 2018-19 school year, where large payments for food, alcohol and clubs were found under  credit cards used by former RSU executives.

“The RSU is just bad for our reputation,” said McMillen, referring to the university nicknamed Rye High.

Like some divorced parents, Ryerson is withholding the RSU’s funds until the RSU accepts responsibility for its mistake. Even though the RSU was allegedly going to produce the forensic audit results and a report on the audit at the upcoming Semi-Annual General Meeting on Feb. 3, McMillen said, “Fuck democracy and the COR.”

On Tuesday, the RSU announced it filed a legal claim against Rye—the plot thickens faster than milk sitting on a porch in July.

The university gets to keep the Student Campus Centre (SCC), where the RSU currently lives, under the ownership of the Palin Foundation. 

There is no word yet on whose couch the RSU will be sleeping on for the next few months, but anonymous sources say they can reach out to the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa, who was also cut off by their university.

Some COR are surprised that the university and the RSU didn’t separate a while ago due to the history of shady financial activity, referring to the RSU execs who transferred 6 Fest funds into their personal bank accounts.

After the university suddenly dropped the news, Ryerson is the parent that runs COR for now, but only because they have deeper pockets.

“I can’t believe that two entities that control most of my life are fighting,” said fourth-year English student Imiss Tability. “At the very least, maybe this will lead to two froshes and two reading weeks.”

Ryerson president Mohamed Lachemi told The Eyeopener he was in Australia for three days to rehearse for his worldwide yodelling tour to raise funds for animals affected by the wildfires. Lachemi is “absolutely balls-to-the-walls stoked” for all the free time he has now that he doesn’t have to worry about the RSU and doesn’t have to strain his vocal cords telling everybody that “the RSU exists as a separate corporate entity from Ryerson.”

Some students are celebrating the news and are excited about the possibility of never having to pay fees toward a students’ union again.

Chad Brian, a third-year sport media student, said he’s happy that his Bay Street broker father doesn’t have to make a dent in his wallet paying for the 0.3 per cent of his tuition that went toward the RSU.

“I’ve never used any of the services the RSU offers so I don’t really care about it,” admitted Brian. “I’m just playing devil’s advocate.”

Meanwhile, Maklane deWever, former interim president of the RSU and local man who emerges every time there’s RSU drama, admits that there’s absolutely no way he could have foreseen this tragedy.

“Just wanted to remind everyone that I have not been the president since May first 2019,” he tweeted. “I hope justice is served!” 

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