10 TikTok accounts to help you pass the time during quarantine

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By Catherine Abes and Dhriti Gupta

It’s week three of quarantine and you’re probably looking for something—or rather, anything—to bide the time. Especially now that you’ve eaten all of your end of the world Hot Cheetos, finished playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and bothered everyone in your household to the point that you’re no longer on speaking terms. There’s only one solution left: enter TikTok, a platform for young, hip, conventionally attractive teenagers who are weirdly all good at dancing. Ignore your friends who have warned you that once you’re in there’s no going back….please, just join us.


Tyler has one of those podcast voices that is so soothing to listen to. Regardless of what he’s chatting about: whether it be his favourite household items, an adventure with his husband or donning a silk shirt and assuming his 19th-century romance novel alter-ego—you’ll immediately feel calmer after listening to him.


💐🕯some more Victorian dandy content 🕯💐 ##foryou

♬ Classical Music – Classical Music


Boman’s TikTok account has recently gone viral for his hilarious reality show edits of his everyday life. Our personal favourite moment is when he went into labour to give birth to someone who would actually hang out with him (a big mood). He’s also a fourth-year Ryerson RTA student!


When one of your friends coughs except it’s reality TV ##fyp ##foryou ##realitytv

♬ original sound – bomanizer


It’s hard to describe TikTok humour, but this is basically it: unhinged. Follow David for absurdist Gen Z jokes and to witness his descent into madness this quarantine szn.


##foryoupage found this in my drafts

♬ original sound – deadave


If you’re worried that your cat is upset about you being home so often now, be grateful that they aren’t as angry as Deksy. And if they are, consider calling a pet trainer? Or a priest.


Watch till the end😂😭 ##foryou ##deksythecat

♬ original sound – thenotblondesalad


Weird flex but there’s something so viscerally calming about watching someone paint plants. Rise and grind Twitter never said that this *doesn’t* count as engaging in a new art practice. 


Your moment of Zen. ##art ##watercolor ##artwork ##arts ##sketch ##painting ##paint ##illustration ##drawing ##gouache ##crafts

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依


Nothing but respect for the creator of the infamous Savage dance challenge. This challenge was a cultural reset: separating those who were somewhat OK at dancing from those who actually can dance. Follow Keke if you too have simply given up on your degree and are now pursuing a bachelor in throwing it back.


keep doing my dance y’all i love y’all so much!!!!! everyone KILLS IT😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion


If you thought Megan Thee Stallion was the CEO of ass throwing, you’re wrong. Meet Brad. We’re not certain that it’s humanly possible for the average person’s spine to handle all that curvature. Nonetheless, he makes helpful tutorials for those of us who are a little less talented in the ass throwage department. 


Someone asked me to do a tsunami version haha, ig @bradosterhout

♬ Follow for good content – flexgod.henry


Lulu of Tootymcnooty does adorable and original animations of popular TikTok audios, blobby creatures called “ribbits,” memes, and more generally wholesome content.


Just a choir of Frogs 🐸 (thank you for blessing us @shawnwasabi with this sound)

♬ original sound – shawnwasabi


Astuanta is simply the funniest person on the internet. Nothing else needs to be said.       


♬ original sound – astapasta3


Fuck it, hot girl covering popular TikTok songs on her bass. This one’s for the girls and the gays <3


lol I had to ##savagechallenge @theestallion

♬ original sound – bludetiger

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