BREAKING: Unvaccinated students or those with undeclared status will be restricted from accessing winter timetables

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By Thea Gribilas and Sarah Tomlinson

Students who’ve not provided their vaccination status to the RyersonSafe app or website by Nov. 21 won’t be able to access their winter timetables and will be restricted from adding courses, according to an update on Ryerson’s COVID-19 information page.

According to the update, all undergraduate, graduate and law students who remain non-compliant with the vaccination mandate by Dec. 15 will be removed from any in-person winter courses and may lose access to key Ryerson systems such as RAMSS. 

“As you may need to visit campus unexpectedly, this is one of many health and safety measures the university has implemented to prioritize everyone’s wellbeing,” the website reads. 

The update added that the school will work to “to support the needs of students in exceptional circumstances, including international students and Canadian students living abroad, who may not be able to be fully compliant by these timelines due to vaccine access issues in home countries.”

However, the update notes that “exceptional circumstances will only be considered for maintaining winter course enrollments past the drop/add period, not vaccination itself.”

For those students who have requested a medical exemption from the school, they’ll still be required to indicate their vaccination status to RyersonSafe or risk not receiving their schedules.

Exemption requests will be released the week of Nov. 22.


  1. Ryerson University, this is discrimination and dehumanizing. I would like to ask you to post the empirical evidence we are in a pandemic. You are forcing students/are in agreement with coercive control to make everyone take an experimental vaccine (its experimental – fact). Forcing people to override their conscience, and ignore their mendicant conditions, and ignore the scientists, virologists, and doctors who do not agree with the mainstream news narritive and those who are benefiting financially Fromm the patents on the “vaccine.” Like Faucci…this is a crime against humanity. I discovered some courses are being taught by left wing supporting professors (who teach critical race theory etc) and bring their political agendas to Ottawa campuses as well. I would never attend Ryerson and sit through classes with a political agenda not taking account culture or any other point of view or facts…it’s just about white privilege (even if you have common sense, can research other perspectives and find actual facts to the contrary,…it doesn’t matter….university and college now are all about following the leader and don’t use your brain….just follow like an atomaton. I guess you are all brighter than the RCMP here in Ottawa who can think….and by the way…there is no law to be vaccinated. You follow the lead…instead of standing for what is right.

  2. This an unfair act: we have taken away one of the important human rights, that is to protect our safety. How come all schools have options to remote learning? HOW COME THE FINANICIAL DEPARTMENT withdrew the students’ money if they banned their courses and from seeing their timetables????
    I am wondering, if all the unvaccinated students will request money back, how would the classes be formed??? How will the professors will be paid when they will have a few students in classes???
    Another fact is that a lot of vaccinated people still spread the Covid-19 among others. What is the point here?
    Shame on you, Ryerson, especially with such a lousy organization you proved lately!

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