Rye Couture: Students take on back-to-campus street style

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Words and photos by Negin Khodayari

Ryerson University students have been taking a new approach to getting dressed for campus this fall. Now that some classes are back in person and facilities are open after more than a year and a half, it’s safe to say some students are still getting used to being seen from more than just the waist up. Apart from everyone’s mandatory new accessory—a mask, of course—the pandemic has given some students the chance to explore new styles, experiment with new pieces and get comfortable in their own skin and clothing. The Eyeopener took a walk around campus and spoke to some fashion icons right in the heart of Gould Street to talk about their show-stopping fits.

Audrey Ludoux: First-year early childhood studies student

Person wearing black skirt and brown knit sweater with black converse.

A new aesthetic that’s been on the rise on social media is dark academia. The look romanticizes higher education and the arts, as well as classic Greek and gothic inspirations. Audrey Ludoux has channeled this in her back-to-campus fashion. She’s wearing a dark brown argyle sweater and a black tennis skirt, both of which are staple pieces in a dark academia wardrobe. Paired with black sheer tights, thick black socks and converse, her look is both preppy and comfortable.

“I saw a TikTok and thought it was cute! Then I put it all together with pieces I had in my closet,” Ludoux said. When asked about what influences her style, Ludoux gushed about actress Barbie Ferreira. 

“I love her and everything she does,” she said. “She’s gorgeous.” 

Nico Beck: Second-year journalism student

Fall is the perfect time to layer pieces to winterize your favourite summer fits. Layering adds dimension to any outfit and allows you to add more personality into your looks. Second-year student Nico Beck has added a unique spider-web designed pair of tights under a flowy black skirt. 

They’ve paired this with an oversized purple and black striped sweater, pleather jacket and the star of the show: a pair of black Demonia boots with neon green detailing. But their accessories make this already unique look even more personalized. 

 Beck’s general aesthetic is inspired by Japanese street fashion, old Harajuku styles and fashion magazines from the 90s and 00s as sources of inspiration. When putting together outfits, they have one goal in mind: “to feel comfortable, but sexy.” 

Nika Sharifi-Dariani: Fourth-year computer science student

Person standing, wearing white pants with illustrations on them, black shirt, and white sneakers.

Nika Sharifi-Dariani didn’t shy away from making a statement when she stepped on campus this fall. Her white trousers are overlaid with a minimalist black line art pattern of funky faces. Paired with white Nike Air Force 1s and a black T-shirt, this back-to-campus look is simple yet elevated. 

“I decided to take a chance and switch up my habits,” she said. According to Sharifi-Dariani, her “habits” consisted of wearing baggy clothes and sweatpants for the most part.  

“My sense of style has basically gone out the window since the pandemic started. Funny enough, it felt like I didn’t even know how to dress for a while,” said Sharifi-Dariani. 

Her approach to fashion now is comfort first, style second.

Sherwin Karimpoor: Second-year journalism student

Students like Sherwin Karimpoor are no stranger to stopping the show with their outfits. The second-year journalism student, who only has one in-person class this semester, takes every opportunity to shut down the runway (or the campus) with his fire fits.

 “I think that if you really look your best, you will feel your best,” he said. “But I would never force myself into a ‘chic’ outfit if I don’t feel good.”

The 19-year-old is wearing his favourite pair of American Eagle mom-jeans, a white turtleneck from Zara layered with a dark grey graphic tee from American Eagle. To top it all off, he accessorized with a pair of staple white Air Force 1s and his favourite clothing item at the moment; a tote bag. 

“My tote bag has become the staple piece in any outfit,” said Karimpoor.

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