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internet opinions: Do you think there is a minority acceptance problem at Ryerson?

The Eyeopener is now on MATRIX, asking for your opinions on a different topic every week. Responses sent via e-mail to will be presented in this space every week. Please note that we reserve the right to edit responses for space considerations, and the opinions and views presented here are not necessarily those of The Eyeopener.

I do believe that a minority issue exists, although it really isn’t a ‘problem’ in my opinion. There is a lot of tolerance on campus and if a few choose not to accept minorities, well, so be it.

Syeda Rizvi – BBMD

No I don’t think there is a problem. If anything, it may be a self perceived problem. I think everyone is equally accepted and that we have great cohesion amongst the students.

David Sher – CNED

Personally I think there is a big problem with the recognition of minorities at Ryerson: there is too much!! Iti seems that there is a useless student group at Ryerson for every minority under the sun. I will admit that there are some useful student groups on campus that try and better the student life of some individuals, but really is there a need for the small groups like the “Chinese Christian Association.” Why bring race into this? Religion is religion.

I don’t think that minorities should be recognised as anything but Canadian and if they don’t like it then I’m afraid that they are in the wrong country. By having these separate little groups Ryerson is promoting segregation of students by race. On the other hand I guess I could start a “Students who think that we should stop focusing on little minority groups at Ryerson Association” and get funded by RyeSAC.

Cory Macey – INEN

As a Chinese International Student, I myself do not believe there is any problem being accepted. Then again, if Chinese are still considered a “minority” in this part of the globe, that leaves room for rethinking.

Selwyn Lee – IDSN

Yes, I think that Canada is generally a closed society. If you are coming from the outside they have difficulty in understanding and welcoming you into the larger group. You have to find your own little pocket to fit into. I think that it is due to a lack of information on their part about other cultures.

Hazel-ann Mclean – BBMC International Student

I don’t know about the rest of Ryerson, but ACPS/CSCI doesn’t have any problems at all. Everyone hangs around with everyone else. I had a great game of badminton with some oriental guys (whom I didn’t know beforehand) yesterday at the RAC.

“Rockin” Roland Thalman – ACPS

I think that Ryerson is fair in their acceptance policy — they never ask for pictures or information of ethnic background, and never ask any racial or religious questions.

Bruno Morgado – ENVH

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