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Freaky films

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By David Redford

Students tired of mindless trash coming out of Hollywood, have no fear, there is an alternative.

A group of Ryerson media arts students, tired of what’s playing in mainstream theatres are taking money out of their own pockets to put on experimental films every Friday.

“There aren’t a lot of venues for this type of work,” says group member Jai Sarin. “It’s stuff you don’t see that often.”

The students got the films from various libraries and collections in Ontario. Sarin says that there is a huge tradition of experimental filmmaking in Canada with filmmakers like Michael Snow, Jack Chambers and David Rimmer.

“It’s a bit of an acquired taste,” admits Sarin. “It’s definitely what we consider the fine art of filmmaking. Definitely not what you’d see in the theatre today.”

This Friday the group is presenting Twenty-Third Psalm Branch by Stan Brackage. It’s an 8mm film which “records the perception” of war.

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