Information highway snarled

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By Vanessa Thomas

W71’s new computer system was intended to be more user-friendly, but students may find it quicker and less hassle using their typewriters.

Two thirds of the computers in the lab aren’t working properly.

“This means if the Internet application, like Netscape, doesn’t work, then it affects other publications,” said computer room advisor Nghia Tran. “When Netscape doesn’t work, nothing works.”

Ryerson upgraded the computers from a DOS-based system to a Window-based software and menu system a week ago.

Five computers are equipped with temporary out of order signs, and more than half cannot access the internet.

“My advice to students is leave lots of time to do your project because 90 per cent of the people coming in here have an assignment due within an hour,” said Dave Ellis, the computer room supervisor.

Joseph Chong, a full-time staffer at the lab, was given the task of changing the computers to a Window-based system.

“There’s been reorganization in the whole department,” said computer room advisor Adam Lloyd. “A full-time advisor quit so there’s been more work load on the remaining two staff and Joseph had sole responsibility of converting the system.”

In an email sent to the computer room staff to the computer room staff last Wednesday, Chong blamed the problem on “network congestion” and hoped to clear up the problem in a few weeks.

Hai Nguyen, a fourth-year business management student, got stuck with three faulty computers in one day.

“The computers suck,” said Nguyen. “They’re old, they’re slow and they jam a lot. I’m used to it by now because everything breaks down at Ryerson.”

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