RyeSAC loses Frank

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By Allison Heather

Frank Cappadocia is leaving the forces of RyeSAC after three years of helping students and advising the executive.

Cappadocia, executive assistant for RyeSAC< will be taking a position with student services at Ryerson on Oct. 2. “I’ve basically maxed myself out,” said Cappadocia from his office, decorated with Marvin the Martian, Argos paraphernalia and a happy face mug. “RyeSAC’s a huge ship and Im just one sailor on it.” Some may know him as the guy who helped with your appeal. He’s dealt with many — including one student who really had no intention of winning his appeal. “This guy showed up to the appeal wearing a ripped t-shirt with a cartoon of a guy holding up his middle finger,” said Cappadocia, chuckling. “He didn’t win.” Cappadocia coordinated a rally in January 1995, where 5,000 students from across Ontario came to Ryerson to protest plans by the federal government to cut education transfer payments to the provinces by over $2 billion.

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