Student mugged outside Pitman Hall residence

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By Stephanie Bomba

A PItman Hall resident was mugged in broad daylight last week, outside the residence on his way home from school.

Two males approached the victim — whose name has not been released — outside the residence on Church and Gould Sts.

One suspect was on a BMX bike. They demanded the victim give them money. The suspects then pulled out a utility knife and threatened to cut the victim’s throat if he didn’t comply.

The victim gave the suspects $10. the suspects then demanded bus tickets or tokens, which the victim didn’t have.

According to police at 52 Division, no one has been charged with the crime.

“It kind of surprised me it happened in broad daylight,” said Kate Streib, a first-year RTA student and resident of Pitman Hall. “Security should have seen something.”

According to Ryerson Security Supervisor, Chris Beninger, Pitman Hall staff are trained by the school security.

Tobi Cohen, a resident of PItman Hall said the mugging was “pretty freaky” because it happened during the day.

According to Pitman Hall Housing Manager, Brian Muscat, “it can happen anywhere.” He said there will be floor meetings to discuss safety and security.

The first suspect is described as a 19-year-old white male, 5-foot-4 and 165 lbs. He has curly brown hair and brown eyes. He is of medium build and has a light, fair complexion. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a printed design and tan, baggy pants.

The second suspect is a 19-year-old white male. He is 5-foot-11, 170 lbs., with a darker complexion. He was wearing dark clothes and riding a BMX dirt bike.

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