TTC: Hall’s metro pass not on track

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By Deborah Gardner

The launch of a red-rocket discount for students may be scrubbed.

“If we have to (reduce the budget), the areas that will be affected are reduced fares for students and seniors,” said Ellen Cogen, public affairs officer for the TTC.

But Toronto mayor Barbara Hall still says university students will be able to ride the rocket with a discounted metro pass — even though the TTC may have to cut existing discounts for students and seniors.

Hall, who announced the proposal last week as part of her campaign for megacity mayor, said the pass will work because it doesn’t have to be subsidized by the TTC like the current student and senior discounts.

“I believe it’s a proposal that pays for itself,” said Hall.

The pass would cost $60 a month and could be used by students Monday to Friday. She said the discount will encourage more students to take the TTC during the week.

North York mayor Mel Lastman refused to disclose details about a similar pass.

The TTC said it will hear proposals but is unsure whether it will work.

“If it’s feasible, viable and economic option then sure, great,” said Cogen.

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