Get off your butt and work

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By Graeme Smith

Ryerson students don’t want to work. Or so you’d think, judging by the number of unfilled job postings at the campus Career Centre.

There are more than 75 work-study positions still available.

“We’re pleasantly surprised at the number jobs we can offer students,” said Liz Devine, Career Centre co-ordinator.

Many of the jobs are on campus and have flexible hours. Students who don’t receive OSAP were recently allowed to participate in the program because of extra funding.

“Now, anyone can easily earn extra money during the school day,” said Devine.

If you’re an OSAP student, you’ll never see the money. It gets subtracted from your debt. If you thought you could get a work-study job to pay for extra expenses(food and shelter, for instance), you can forget it. Which may explain why students aren’t taking part in the program.

“It’s ridiculous,” said John McGowan, RyeSAC v.p. finance. “It promotes complacency. Students work because they need cash now…it (work-study) doesn’t address the issue of students needing more money.


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