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By Aaron Kylie

Pop quiz, hotshot. You’re on a bus. There’s a bomb on the bus. What are you going to do?

Well, you get to decide at a storyweb near you. Storywebs are an interactive type of fiction on the Internet.

They tell stories using the multimedia capabilities of the Internet.

There are tons of fiction sites on the Web but most are just page after page of text.

Storywebs, however, combine sound, graphics and text to tell stories. They are made even more exciting by the fact that you can help direct the story.

By clicking on a bolded text or role-playing the reader can solve mysteries, search haunted houses or direct the characters in a soap opera.

The interactive capability of storywebs is what makes them captivating. Not to mention the fact that storytelling seems a little more creative when it involves mind-bending, colorful graphics and sound, rather than scrolling down page after page of text.

The downside to storywebs, as with all graphics-heavy sites on the Internet, is waiting forever just to download a colorful picture with a little bit of text.

Storywebs run the gamut of games from horror to adventure to romance. But alas, no pornography.

Ratings and links to all the best sites are available at


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