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By Aaron Kylie

Bring along your magnifying glass and your intellect, Inspector Holmes, you’re going to solve a mystery.

Dreadnot is a suspense and mystery storyweb concerning a woman, Laurie, who’s searching for her son, Toby.

Dreadnot features most of the qualities which set storywebs apart from mere fiction.

Pictures of the characters, along with their biographies, are available by clicking on the bold text in the narrative. Dreadnot also incorporates words and graphics to enhance the story-telling.

Dreadnot is also interactive, with the reader helping Laurie gather evidence and clues. For instance, in chapter one, the reader searches Toby’s school locker.

By clicking on the various items the reader learns of their importance to the story.

All this, and the narrative, is fairly compelling as well.

Dreadnot is similar to a TV series as well, because you’re left hanging, waiting about a week for successive chapters of the storyweb.

Unlike a TV series, you actually read the story and participate in it, as opposed to just watching it. In a sense, you too are a character.

So, Watson, stick a storyweb in your pipe and smoke it.

Check out Dreadnot at www.stgate.dreadnot.com/index.html.


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