No security blanket for skaters

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By Caroline Alphonso

Security for Ryerson’s figure skating team will not increase despite a figure skater being accosted by two men two weeks ago.

“It’s not a question of money,” said Chuck Mathies, assistant director of athletics. “You have to be responsible and accountable for getting to and from the arena.”

Team practices are held at Moss Park Arena, located at Sherbourne and Shuter Sts., across from a men’s shelter.

About two weeks ago a figure skater was surrounded by two men, but managed to escape safely.

This was the third such incident this year. Last season a man walked in off the street and started masturbating in the stands while the women were practising.

Janet Mays, director of campus equity and safety services, has offered security services for $19 an hour, but Mathies said it isn’t warranted.

“Let’s treat all of our students on the campus in the same mannerism. Students have accepted the fact that any arena in the downtown area is of concern,” said Mathies.

“I met with Janet Mays and basically she has indicated that the team has to be aware of the situation, which means walking in groups as much as possible,” he added.

Although Ryerson security offers a Campus Walk and Watch program, it is bound to the university, said Keith Christie, operations and investigations for the security department.

And as for moving to another arena Mathies said it is not plausible.

“We are not going to set up something unique. Students are aware of street safety and that people will confront you.”

Mathies did say that a session will be held next year with security to make sure athletes know how to escape from a situation like this.

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