CKLN vote may be delayed

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By Rob Taylor

CKLN may have missed its chance to ask students for more money this fall.

The radio station, which owes $129,845 to RyeSAC and other creditors, wants to hold a referendum before November asking Ryereson students to increase the $8.03 levy they pay to CKLN through tuition fees.

But the station failed to provide RyeSAC with a detailed proposal for its board of directors’ meeting Monday night.  CKLN must now hope to call a special board meeting to approve a fall referendum.

“I’m not sure if the referendum will happen,” said Conrad Collaco, CKLN’s station manager.  “I’m not very familiar with the levels this has to go through.  I’m going to wait to hear from [RyeSAC].”

To hold a referendum, CKLN’s board of directors must pass a proposal, which would then pass through RyeSAC’s board of directors and Ryerson’s board of governors.  A referendum must take place at the same time as board of governor’s elections, which will be held at the end of October.

RyeSAC received a submission from CKLN this past Friday, said RyeSAC president David Steele, but it didn’t include how much the station wanted to increase the levy by or how the referendum question would be worded.

These details need to be ironed out before RyeSAC’s board of directors can vote on it.

Steele said CKLN could still hold a referendum in the fall if they collected 100 student signatures calling for a special RyeSAC board meeting.  The meeting would have to be called this week before Ryerson’s board of governors meet Sept. 28.

If CKLN fails to hold a referendum this fall, they must wait until fall 2000 before a fees increase could be put in place.

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