Fifty and free

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By Jill Koskitalo

Realizing that nothing attracts attention like a free lunch, Ryerson held a community barbecue to kick off its 50th anniversary celebrations this year. 

The party, held in the Quad during the first week of school, brought hordes of Ryerson staff and students together for a lunchtime love-in for all things Ryerson.

“I pretty well came for the free food,” said Katherine Trytek, a third-year applied geography student.  “It’s a really nice day and we’re just out here enjoying the sun.”

“I had like five hot dogs!” said Jamie Duncan, a second-year theatre student.  “I love free food.”

After gorging themselves on food, many students stayed in the Quad, lounged on the grass and listened to speeches organized for the event.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity for students, staff and faculty to get together,” said Marion Creery, a director of student services.  “It’s such a beautiful day and it’s great so many students are here.”

Ryerson President Claude Lajeunesse expressed surprise at the large number of students, saying the picnic had gone “beyond our expectation.”

Lajeunesse also felt celebrations such as the picnic were one way to boost student spirit.

Frank Abbott, chair of 50th anniversary celebrations, estimated there was enough food to feed between 5,000 to 6,000 people, all of which was eaten by the end of the picnic.

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