Marks for cash scam: Centennial prof charged

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By Kathryn Dunmore

Several Centennial College students learned the mathematics of bribery over the summer. 

Students taking a math course in summer school at Centennial were approached by their professor, who allegedly asked for cash in exchange for better grades.  Students complained to administration, who called in the police.

“From the first student, he wanted $150 for an A+,” said Sgt. Tom Cowdrey, of 42 Division.  “The next one, he wanted $800.  The third, he wanted $1000 or a plane ticket to Istanbul.”

Ryerson administration says they have no idea how they would deal with such a situation here.  “I’ve been in education all my life and I’ve never heard of anything like this,” said Linda Grayson, v.p. administration and student affairs.

Omar Kefeli, 36, has been charged with three counts of soliciting a secret commission, and will appear in a Scarborough court Oct. 13.

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