Pepsi only at the ILLC

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By Irene Papakonstantinou

Safe heavens for Pepsi drinkers at Ryerson are fizzling out. 

The International Living Learning Centre (ILLC) is the last place on campus where students can purchase a Pepsi.

Over the summer, both PepsiCo and Coca-Cola approached administration with offers to become the official campus cola.  However this term, Coke has established a domain on campus, stalling new machines in The Hub, Pitman Hall and even Ryerson’s parking garage.

But Ryerson’s v.p. administration Linda Grayson said Coke is simply upgrading their machines at Ryerson and a contract hasn’t been signed with either firm.

So why is it the ILLC is the only place at Ryerson selling Pepsi?

“The previous owners [of the ILLC] dealt with Pepsi, so when Ryerson acquired the building five years ago, we continued to place our order with them,” said Patti Franklin, ILLC assistant manager of conference food services.

The ILLC’s contract with Pepsi expires at the end of this August.

Grayson, along with university business services, will be responsible for deciding whether to continue the Pepsi deal or sign with another cola company.

She said she has not yet considered which pop the ILLC will sell next school year.

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