Pepsi says it lost Rye cola deal

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By Caroline Alphonso

Pepsi says it will not be the choice of the next generation at Ryerson, though administration says they have not yet given exclusive selling rights to any cola company. 

Pepsi pitched a proposal to the university this summer, but was denied a monopoly on campus, said Jan Waterous, a spokesperson for Pepsi-Cola Canada.

“We were invited to present our proposal in early June and we were told that Ryerson’s business [for exclusive rights] was awarded to another company,” said Waterous.

But Ryerson’s v.p. administration, Linda Grayson, denies signing a deal with any cola company giving up exclusive selling rights on campus.

“There is no agreement.  There is no contact.  There is no signature,” said Grayson.

But recently, Coke has established an overwhelming presence on campus, installing vending machines everywhere from Pitman Hall and The Hub cafeteria to inside Ryerson’s packing garage.  Grayson said Coke was upgrading old vending machines.

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