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By Mike Anthony

Vladimir Vasilko has joined student council’s $16,000-plus vice-president’s club. 

The v.p. development and finance was given a $3,600 pay raise at the end of July after RyeSAC’s board of directors passed an amendment to increase the paid weekly hours for the position.

The increase follows a recommendation made by last year’s v.p. development and finance, John McGowan, to increase the weekly paid hours to 32 hours from the regular 20 per week, which paid $13,100.

The amendment brings Vailko’s salary in line with those of RyeSAC’s other v.p.s, Erin George, v.p. education and Jason Power, v.p. administration.

“If you put in the same amount of time you should be compensated accordingly,” McGowan said.  “And it’s pretty hard to have the same voice if you’re paid less than your equals.”

Vasilko is happy to with the increase.  He said he’s already putting in about 40 hours a week, and during orientation, up to 65.

“I was taking down equipment in Oakham House at 3 a.m. when I had to be at work for 9 a.m.,” Vasilko said.

The last v.p. to get a salary increase was former RyeSAC president Angelo DeLuca, who was v.p. administration two years ago.

Like Vasilko, his paid hours increased from 20 to 32 and his salary was raised to $16,700.

At the time there was some concern among the executive committee that DeLuca’s pay increase would start a trend of pay hikes for other vice presidents.

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