Summer scrapbook

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Less bang for your buck

Ontario university students got slapped with the biggest tuition hike in the country this year.  An undergraduate arts degree in Ontario costs $3,536, the second highest in the country behind Nova Scotia.

  • Fees have gone up 71 per cent in the past five years and 150 per cent in the past decade, StatsCan reports.
  • The province removed the cap on what universities can charge in medicine, dentistry, law, business, optometry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and all graduate programs.  Ryerson president Claude Lajeunesse said deregulation shouldn’t be allowed until student assistance is improved.
  • The Ontario government made almost $1 million from students seeking OSAP information, revealed in August in a Freedom of Information request by the Liberal government. 

A 1-900 number set up to allow students easy access to info costs $2 a call, and a $10 user fee applies to applications for assistance not made over the internet.

Lawsuit laid in Odhavji case

The family of slain Ryerson student Manish Odhavji filed an $8.6 million lawsuit against the police for their responsibility in his death and breach of duty.  Odhavji, 22, was killed while fleeing from the scene of a bank robbery last September.  A Special Investigations Unit probe found the two officers who shot Odhavji believe he was armed and facing them.  Odhavji had his back to police and was unarmed.

Dressing up Yonge and Dundas 

The Yonge-Dundas facelift is a go.  City council voted this summer to begin buying up property on the east side of Dundas Street, which will in turn be sold to redevelopers.

Planned are a public square and a mega-retail and movie theatre complex from AMC Theatres.  Ryerson students will get to haul their asses to the theatres for lectures from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Protestors ‘R Us 

Erin George, RyeSAC’s v.p. education, and her merry band of protestors showed up, uninvited, to a couple of events over the summer.  First there was the meeting between Toronto’s university presidents here on campus in early May, where George and other protestors cause a ruckus that required security’s help.

Then George and other RyeSACers crashed a media event at Sam The Record Man promoting the provincial government’s income tax cut.  Protestors outnumbered the media in attendance.

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