CKLN signs off on referendum hopes

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By Caroline Alphonso 

CKLN will not be getting an increase in its student levy next year.

In a second attempt to put forward a referendum question asking students to increase their contribution to the radio station, CKLN again missed the deadline set by RyeSAC.

Three weeks ago, CKLN was expected to submit its proposal, but station manager Conrad Collaco failed to provide the referendum question in time for RyeSAC’s board of directors meeting.

RyeSAC gave CKLN a second chance to present the question, but CKLN’s proposal didn’t’ reach the student council until after its executive meeting last week, missing the second deadline set.

CKLN was going to ask for an increase in the $8.03 levy students pay toward the station through fees.  The money would have helped to offset CKLN’s $129,845 debt.

To hold a referendum, both RyeSAC’s board of directors and Ryerson’s board of governors would have had to approve the proposal.

The referendum was originally going to b held at the same time as the board of governor’s election on Oct. 28.

Because the question was given to RyeSAC in time for its board of directors meeting, CKLN will have to wait until spring to hold a referendum.  If the referendum is passed, the station wouldn’t collect a levy until September 2000.

Until then, Colalco said the station is looking at new ways to generate revenue.  CKLN’s FundFest, its annual fund-raising event, starts next Friday.  Collaco is hoping to raise $115,000 almost $71,000 more than last year.

“We are far too busy with FundFest to be disappointed that the referendum question did not go through.”

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