Concordia swarms Rams hockey team

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By Scott Carefoot

The Concordia University Stingers hockey team were more like angry wasps Saturday night, stinging the Ryerson Rams again and again.

In their 8-1 loss, the Rams were more like bees, which sting once, then die.

The Rams had a solid start.  Forward David Sa scored first to give Ryerson a 1-0 lead.

Unfortunately for the Rams, Concordia went on to score eight unanswered goals on their way to their huge victory at St. Michael’s Arena last Saturday.

Despite that fact Concordia was a faster team with remarkable puck control, Ryerson’s determination kept the score close right up to the end of the second period, when Concordia had a 2-1 lead.

Rams goalie Carm Giurleo was brilliant in the first two periods, keeping his team in the game with several tough saves.

However, the Rams forwards could not penetrate the smothering Stinger defense, who repeatedly tied them up and led them into the boards.

In the third period, the Concordia swarming began and all hell broke loose on Ryerson.  The Stingers came out in the third period and attacked the Rams mercilessly.  Concordia showcased their blazing speed and pinpoint passing, peppering Giurleo with shots.  By this point the Rams just looked tired and confused.

Rams coach Louie Carnevale blamed the third-period collapse on a lack of composure.  “We started to make some mistakes when the pressure was on, and that was the worst 20 minutes we’ve played in a long time,” Carnevale said.

Giurleo said the Rams were worn out trying to keep up with their speedy opponent.  “We ran out of gas in the third period, and the guys stopped picking up their man,” said Giurleo.  “By that point, there wasn’t much I could do.”

It was a rough weekend overall for the team, as their loss to Concordia came a day after a 6-2 loss to Universite du Quebec a Trois Rivieres (UQTR).

After starting the year with three home games, the Rmas are on the road.

Ryerson’s next home game is at St. Michael’s Arena on Nov. 14 against the Laurentian Voyageurs.

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