Nine students vie to be board reps

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By Maurren Rice

Ryerson’s apathetic attitude is being challenged.

Nine students are running this term for three seats on the board of governors, the top governing body of the university.

Only four students ran for the three seats last year.

“[It’s] just an outstanding response,” said Ed Valin, board secretary.

The board’s 24 members are responsible for making financial and administrative decision for the school.

The response to this year’s election is the best Valin has seen in years.  “In some years, a number of years, we’ve had acclamations.”

The candidates for the there student positions are: Peter Tretter, of theatres; Mai Hoang Cao, of mechanical engineering; Malcolm Dales, Josh Ellimoottil and Michael Coburn, of business; Jovan Voseovski, or urban and regional planning; Sanjay Dhebar, of politics and public administration and information management; and RyeSAC’s v.p. education Erin George, of journalism.

RyeSAC’s president David Steele said he wanted to run for the board, but found out he isn’t eligible because he’s not registered for a class-attended course this term.

In past years, two of the three student spots have been occupied by RyeSAC execs.

“I think it’s very important for RyeSAC to have a seat on the board of governors,” said George.  “As a RyeSAC rep, I’m representing all the voices of all the full-time students.”

Three faculty are also running for one spot on the board, and three support staff for another.  Students can vote for their representatives on Oct. 28.

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