Students favour BComm trade

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By Steve Delong

Ryerson business management students have made it clear — they want to trade in their degree name for a Bachelor of Commerce.

Students voted 77 per cent in favour of the name change from Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) to BComm.

Supporters of the change say it would make Ryerson’s program comparable with other Canadian universities that offer a BComm degree. Students say they won’t have to keep explaining what a BBM is to future employers.

The referendum is non-binding, but the school’s business council will discuss changing the degree’s name this week.

The school of business hopes to confer the first BComm degree this June.  The proposal will have to be approved by Ryerson’s academic council, then board of governors.

The Business Students’ Association (BSA) organized last week’s Wednesday and Thursday vote, and campaigned to educate students about the name change.

“The polls were very busy both days,” said BSA president Gregg Lee.  A total of 877 students out of 3,000 eligible voters cast ballots.

Lee Maguire, associate dean of business was pleased with the turnout.  “There is no apathy of in the school of business,” said Maguire.  “Students are involved.”

While some students support the name change because a BComm is more widely recognized, other want to keep the BBM because it is different.

Lydia Menalo, a fourth-year business marketing student, does not support changing the name of the degree.  “I came to Ryerson to get something different.  I want to receive a BBM.”

Maguire said the school will propose to academic council that all students graduating this year be given the choice of receiving a BComm or a BBM.

Many students outside the business building during voting days were optimistic hanging the degree’s name will help in their job search.

“The BBM was a sticky point.  If we are to compete with other business grads we need the BComm,” said Shahzad Goraya, a third-year marketing student.

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