Oakham theft hurts profit

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By Irene Papakonstantinou

Sales were up but Oakham House was in the hole for the month of September.

Oakham House had projected a profit of several thousand dollars for the first month of the school year.

“We had greater sales than anticipated, which normally would mean more profit,” said Oakham House’s managing director Dale McNichol.

But on Sept. 24, $4,860 was stolen from a main-floor office in Oakham House.  The incident was reported to security but the culprit hasn’t been caught and no money has been recovered.

“Whoever took it felt they needed the money more than Oakham House did,” said McNichol.

The money was stolen after it was left unattended on a desk in a mianfloor office.  Standard policy is to lock the money away in a safe, McNichol said.

“I can’t blame the staff.  They do great work and I’m proud of them,” he said.

Adding to Oakham House’s loses for the month was $3,500 advertising bill carried over from last year, and higher thane expected bar costs, including overpouring of liquor in drinks and beer spilled from kegs.

The insurance deductible for the stolen money only covers a little more than half of what was taken.  McNichol has decided not to claim the deductible.  He said it will be taken as a loss.

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