Protest will target Tory conference

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By Beatrice Politi

A coalition of social groups is set to picket a Tory conference in Toronto this Friday.

Premier Mike Harris will be at the Metro Convention Centre to participate in the last session of the “Jobs in Prosperity” conference caravan, which is organized by the government and has been travelling across the province.  The meetings focus on how the government has created employment in Ontario and where employment training should be directed.

But Joel Harden, the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario chair, doesn’t think the conference has been productive and said the government hasn’t done enough to create more jobs.

Erin George, RyeSAC v.p. education, believes Friday’s protest represents the next step in fighting the government after October’s Week of Action, which involved a protest at Queen’s Park and at the Tory policy convention in Ottawa.

“It will serve notice to provincial parties and federal parties that education is going to be on the agenda at election time,” said George.

But George won’t be able to attend the protest at the Metro Convention Centre.  She’ll be in Renfrew, Ont., with Harden and other student representatives for the CFS annual general meeting.  They will discuss issues, set policy and update strategy.  George said plans for February’s Day of Action will be discussed.

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