New student groups

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Ryerson’s smorgasbord of student groups may soon get bigger.

RyeSAC’s board of directors will vote on the three new groups — the Ryerson Game Development Society, the Descendants of the Nations of Africa (DNA) and the Hip Hop Culture Group — at their meeting on Wednesday.

DNA, which plans to highlight the history and culture of African and Caribbean countries, had troubles starting up because of miscommunication with RyeSAC and Leatrice Spevack, campus groups administrator.

The group was thought to be replacing Ryerson’s African Caribbean Association (RACA), which dissolved with $1,527 in debt.  DNA will likely not have to pay the debt.

The Ryerson Game Development Society wants to give members a chance to learn about development electronic games, and the Hip Hop Culture Group plans to promote urban culture to Ryerson students, from break-dancing to graffiti.

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