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By Chieu Luu Luong

Don’t avoid going to the Ryerson library because you lost a $50 book and can’t pay for it.  Be carefree, for there is a way to decrease your debt.  The person to talk to is chief librarian Richard Malinski, and he’s more than willing to help you regain your borrowing privileges.  Malinski has been working in libraries for almost 30 years.  He came to Ryerson in September, 1990.  His duties include planning, directions of the library, and daily troubleshooting Malinski says that you shouldn’t hesitate to approach him with any of your problems.  If you owe the library money in overdue fines or for a lost book, Malinski is willing to work out an affordable payment plan, or reassess the fine and lift the suspension of your borrowing privileges.  Malinski also deals with students’ complaints about staff members.  “I’ve got a few complaints about certain staff members in the library’s suggestion box,” he says.  “But I can’t do anything about them because students don’t sign the [suggestion] slips.”

If you don’t pay your library fines they get recorded in the registrar’s file.  Malinski says your borrowing privileges won’t be suspended until your debt reaches $20 or more, but if your fine is more than $5, the registrar will withhold your grades until you pay off your fine.


Were you treated badly by an employee at the Ryerson Bookstore?  Did you buy some defective equipment at the Computer Shop?  Who do you go to?  What can you do?  The first step is to talk to the store’s managers, but if you have a bone to pick with the manager, the man to go to is Peter Brunner, general manager of Campus stores.

Brunner came to Ryerson in 1989 as the manager of the Ryerson Bookstore.  His duties have since increased, and he’s now responsible for both campus stores, as well as the Ryerson mail room, shipping department, and the new one-card system.  Brunner says students rarely come to him with their problems because most problems are resolved with the store managers.  “I only heard about three or four complaints from students last year,” he says.  If you have a problem with one of the campus stores you can find Brunner in his office at AO2.  “But they have to talk with the manager before they come to me,” he says.  “If they come to me first, I’ll just send them back.”



You put a loony into the vending machine, press buttons, and patiently wait for your bag of Doritos to fall down when BOOM! It gets stuck.  Damn!  I get ripped off again, you think.  But wait!  There is a way to get your money back.  Tanya Lorimer-Charles is the assistant food services director at Ryerson, and she’ll be glad to help you with any problems you may have with Food Services.  “If a vending machine does take your money, just come to us, and we’ll deal with the vender and reimburse you,” she says.

Whether it would be a product stuck in the vending machine, complaints about the food or service, concerns about allergies you may have to certain kinds of food, or applying for a part-time job with Food Services, Lorimer-Charles is the woman to go to.  She’s been at Ryerson since September, 1997, and she’s responsible in assisting the director of food Services, Anne MacKinnon in overseeing the operations in the Hub, Jaya stands in Kerr Hall and Business Building, the residences, and on-campus catering.

If you have any questions or complaints, go tell Tanya.  “I want to know when [the employees] aren’t meeting our expectations,” she says.  You can find Tanya in the Hub, or leave a message for her at ext. 6956.

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