Survey to gauge graduates’ job prospects

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By Kathy Tam

Ryerson’s class of 1996 had more than greeting cards to sign during the holidays.

Since December, about 54,000 surveys have been mailed to the Ontario graduates asking them what kind of jobs they landed six months after they left university.

The survey is administered by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre, the Ministry of Education and the Council of Ontario Universities. Through the survey, the provincial government hopes to gauge how well university graduates are performing once they leave school.

The results are expected to be available in April.

Michael Dewson, Ryerson’s v.p. faculty affairs, is overseeing the collection of the surveys sent out to its grads.

He says the survey ask grads about their salaries, how relevant their education is to their job and whether they are pursuing further studies.

“From the results, we can see where our graduates are heading, make changes to our programs and improve our liaisons,” said David Butler of Ryerson’s alumni affairs office, which is also helping to collect the data.

Ryerson has already done its own survey of its 1996 grads. It found the average grad was making $29,078 a year as of Dec. 16, 1997, and almost half of the grads who responded said they were in a job that was related to their studies at Ryerson.

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